Trikso India Machinaries

The leading manufacturer of Narrow fabric machinery, textile weaving & spinning spares and assemblies, and holds an important share of the Indian market.

Since 1962 we have been making spares for all textile weaving and spinning machinery and have seen the evolution from ordinary power looms to the most modern machinery like projectile looms, air jet looms, waterjet looms etc..

Since 1986 we have diversified in the field of narrow fabric machinery and have since then expanded to the extent, that today we are the largest manufacturers of narrow fabric machinery in India and can offer a vast range of products related to the narrow fabric industry. Over a period of time what has changed is our range of products, and what has not changed is our commitment to precision and quality. A firm belief in perfection has resulted in constant upgradation of technology and expansion in production facilities to meet your changing demands. We have our own in house R & D to develop excellent machines to satisfy your demands.