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Spares & Assemblies

We believe that spare parts play a very significant role in safe and smooth running of your industry. Excellent quality spares reduce downtime of your machine and increase productivity resulting in higher profits. To facilitate our customers like you, we manufacture and supply the best of spares for all makes and models of needle looms curtailed in your highly progressing industry. Your initiative to order spares from us would be a stepping stone to our successful relationship since it would prove the quality of our products, timely shipments and assured services, which can build an empire of success for present and future business.


Connecting Rod Healds levers
Connecting Rods Flat Healds Links & locks Weft Needles Weft arms Shedding Levers
dropper Frame Support reeds
Droppers Reed Arms Frame supports Gears Weft Feeders Reeds



Connecting rods connects the reed arm to the weft arm and plays a very crucial role in the needle loom.



  • Raw material : Nylon, Nylon 66, Deldrin
  • Bearings : V6 , 126, Rod ends Phs 6, Phs 8
  • Colour : Black, white or Green
  Connecting Rod


Fitted in the frame to create a shed for precise weaving. Different sizes available As per loom models and sizes. Even healds with two eyelets for two sheds is offered by us.



  • Raw material : High carbon spring steel
  • Loop Sizes : 150mm, 170mm, 180mm,
  • Plating : Nickel, Cadmium, Zinc or Tin


Metal link of different sizes and shapes assemble together to form a cam. In good old days cams very designed, manufactured to suit different designs and new cams where made for each new design. With the metal links and plastic locks you can make your own flexible cam in the form or a chain also. You can even dismantle the cam or chain and reuse the links and locks to prepare new cams or chains.So these are also known as the flexible cams.

Technical Data

  • Raw material : High carbon steel
  • Hardness : between 40 55 HRC
  • Finish : Grinded finish on surface & holes (Plastic Clips)
  • Raw materials : Nylon, Nylon 6, Nylon 66


Weft needle or carrier fitted on the carrier arm carries the weft thread between the shed from one to the other end and back, hence creating a weave between the warp and the weft. Since it carries the weft thread this component is also called the carriers.

Technical Data

  • Raw Material : Carbon steel, spring steel, silver steel wire
  • Sizes : depending on width of tape & model of machine
  • Angles : different angles for different sizes and purpose
  • Thickness : varies from 1.2mm to 6mm
  • Finishing : Plasma coating (if ordered), hard chrome plating,
  • Nickel chrome plating, Nickel plating




Rest on the axle & bearings is driven with the help of the connecting rod by the reed arm plays a significant role in the weft weaving process. Since it carries the weft needle and so the weft thread to weave the tape this part is also known as the carrier arm.

Technical Data

  • Raw material : LM 6 , LM 24, Aluminum Alloy
  • Dimensions : very precise and flat even surface
  • Threading : Being manufactured from a softer metal, special helicoil is fitted in the components to ensure the threading quality
  • Finishing : Hard anodizing if required


The cam or chains in a loom makes the shedding lever rise & fall. Heald frames are attached to these levers which also rise & falls hence creating a shed through which the weft passes creating a weave. With reference to the cam design or chains the number of times the lever rises & falls and stays up or down with reference to picks creates a design as required. Hence levers are called shedding levers and is considered to be the pulmonary function of the machine.

Technical Data

  • Raw material : Mild steel, hardened steel
  • Sizes : different sizes to suit different machine models
  • Bearings : used to withstand the impact of the cam or chain
  • Thickness overall : 11 12 mm strip thickness 2 4 mm
  • Finishing : grinded finish with anti corrosive coating


Used mainly to ensure warp threads in weaving process. Controls the electronic stop motion and acts as a switch. If one or many warps break the dropper drops & acts as a switch to stop the machine controlled through various Electronic devices.


Technical Data

  • Raw material : High carbon spring steel
  • Types : electrical, mechanical, open type & closed type
  • Sizes : Ranging from 90mm to 280mm
  • Thickness : 0.1mm to 0.4mm
  • Plating : Nickel, cadmium, zinc or tin


Reed arms fitted on a shaft which creates an oscillation motion. The front reed is fitted on this arm which aligns the weft pick on completion of one oscillation. Perpendicular and precise manufacturing in accordance with requisite dimensions is the key to this product

Technical Data

  • Raw material : LM 24 & Aluminum Alloy
  • Threading : Helicoils fitted to ensure longer threading life & easy replacement
  • Finishing : soft deburring, buffing (Hard anodizing if required)
  • Dimensions : very precise and perpendicular to achieve complete Weft alignment
  Reed Arms


Assembled to form a heald frame these supports are manufactured to utmost perfection in terms of dimensions and raw materials. Since there is constant movement within the slides there is a lot of frictional heat and resistance on this component.

Technical Data

  • Raw material : Glass filled Nylon (diff. percentage) to suit diff. machines and to maintain light weight but strong resistivity
  • Dimensions : very precise loop & slide dimensions
  • Sizes : Loop distances 150mm to 280mm
  • Threading : inserted brass/steel nuts
  • Fixing : through LN bolts
  • Colour : Black or White
  Frame Support


Gears and pulleys are the integral part of engineering motion mechanics. Manufactured on state of art CNC hobbing or milling machines our gears have very precise spam measurement resulting in very controlled and precise movements of the shafts and rollers.

Technical Data

  • Raw materials : Carbon steel grade or mild steel or nylon as required
  • Precision : very precise spam measurement
  • Finishing : smooth and even finish, teeth cutting on CNC machines
  • Hardness : all our metal gears are hardened as required


These control the throw of weft thread while weaving. We ensure very smooth finish and even surface to avoid yarn breakage

Technical Data

  • Raw materials : LM 24 or Glass filled nylon with steel blades
  • Sizes : as required in different machines
  • Controller mechanism : through inserted springs, bearings


Has a dual purpose in weaving. It acts as a separator of warp yarn (threads) and also is used to align the weft yarn.

Technical Data

  • Raw material : High carbon steel, Springs steel, Stainless steel
  • Hardness : 25 35 HRC
  • Finish : Rounded edges, zinc or chrome plating
  • Dent size : 3mm to 6mm
  • Overall dimensions: as required.

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