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High Speed Needle Looms of Various Models like
TIM - 8/30 ; 6/30 ; 6/45 ; 4/65 ; 4/55 ; 2/110
Our needle looms are specially designed to weave high quality narrow fabrics like, Elastics, webbings, rigid tapes of cotton, nylon or p.p., plastic niwars, ribbons, satin fabrics, heavy webbings, jari tapes and zipper tapes. Needle looms can also be equipped with mechanical mini jacquards or electronic jacquards to manufacture tapes as per your requisite requirements.

High Speed Needle Looms

The main features of our looms are:
      • Digital counter meter with battery backup
      • Dynamic braking system for instant stoppage of yarn breakage
      • Clutch bearings for one way movement
      • F.R.P.side covers to reduce vibration & noise level
      • Self lubricant oiling system
      • 12 shafts/frames provided-can be increased to 16.
Products you can manufacture on our looms
Products Products
Festooning machine Model TIM 999
Festooning Machine This machine is designed to Festoon elastic or rigid tapes into a carton box which will be free from any tension, tangles or twists. The machine has a very sturdy structure with a presetable counter meter & a to control the speed of the machine as per your requirements. We are the pioneers to commence manufacturing of festooning machine in India.
  • Presetable counter meter & instant stoppage of machine
  • Positive feed rollers
  • Positive lifting and lowering of carton box
  • Variable speed.

Warping Machine Model TIM 909
Warping Machine The first process in any type of weaving is that of beam warping machine specially designed for narrow fabric beams is provided with a D.C. clutch motor to control the speed and for instant stoppage. There are different dancing rollers to control and even out the tension of each and every yarn individually.
Some of the features of our machine are :
      • Foundation free heavy structure
      • Variable speed controller
      • Digital presetable counter meter
      • Designed to syncronised individual yarn tension
      • Individual tensioners provided on the creel
      • D.C. motor to control speed of warping
Elastic finishing machine Model TIM 927
Elastic Finishing MachineOnce you produce elastic tapes, the finishing of this tape is very crucial and has it's own importance to present your goods in the market. We have two types of finishing machine namely
1 . Finishing machine of cylinder type     (Roller)
2 . Hot air finishing machine
The cylinders are filled with glass wool to maintain uniform heat across the cylinder and the heaters are controlled with thermostats to maintain an even temperature throughout the process and to stop over heating which may result in burning of your tapes. You may also bleach or dye the tapes as per your requirements. There is a D.C. motor provided to control the speed of the machine and shrinkage controllers to control your tape shrinking.
In the hot air type of finishing machine the elastic tape is guided in the chamber heated with electrical heaters again controlled thermostatically. The advantage in this machine is that the elastic tape does not come in direct contact with heated cylinder instead there is just hot air being circulated in the chamber. This minimises the chances of burning of the tapes.
Measuring & spool winding machine
Model TIM 900 series
Spool Winding Machine This machine is a total low maintainance machine. Erected on channels & solid mild steel plates to reduce vibrations and achieve perfection. It is further equipped with mechanical traverse to wind your tapes of different width to perfection. With the help of minor adjustments you may vary the speed and the length of the traverse movement. It also has a digital presetable counter meter, dynamic braking system. Mainly used in packing of elastic tapes manufactured from Crochet machine. Again first time developed by us, it has a unique facility of packing your tapes in roll packing, spool packing and cardboard packing of needle loom's tapes & crochet tapes.

These are some of our products, Contact us for further details or for our complete range of products.
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